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  • keepwalking188
    May 28, 2009
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      I love skimmer. Works great. In the default configuration, a click on the call sign qsy the VFO-A. Fantastic.

      In working dx split, I have thought of a very cool use for skimmer and that I wanted to ask the group about...

      Once the dx is identified and I have the loaded up on the VFO-A. Typically I would engage split, and then set VFO-B to the frequency I am guessing the DX was last listening too.

      Often times, skimmer has the call sign of the guy the dx is working just now. So if I could do something to tell skimmer to:

      1. Engage SPLIT mode
      2. QSY using the VFO-B (perhaps with a slight offset of say 30 hz)

      In this way, skimmer would have 2 modes of operation. Set the vfoA. And split/VFOB.

      If skimmer were to look at (for example) the state of the CTRL key, and in the event CTRL was pushed, it would know to follow the SPLIT/VFOB rather than the VFOA operation.

      I can do this using skimmer now but it's cumbersome and manual - so hard to make it happen fast enough. The way I do it is...

      1. Click on DX call. Sets VFOA
      2. Transfer VFOA -->VFOB. Enable VFOB for RX only (listen to the dx)
      3. Click on the guy that just worked my DX. Sets VFO A to that frequency. Enable VFOA for RX & TX (listen to my tx freq).

      Appreciate if anyone in the group had used Skimmer in this way. Or had a better idea...

      In the event this feature could not be included in Skimmer at some point, I was thinking of another way to solve this.

      Create a filter program that uses virtual serial port pairs. So the skimmer commands would go through this filter, and then onto the target rig. The filter would normally pass the skimmer commands with no change. But in the event the CTRL key was enabled, it would insert the CAT commands to enable SPLIT, and alter the CAT command specifying VFOA so that the QSY CAT instruction targets VFOB instead.

      Hope this all makes sense...

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