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  • f6irf
    Dec 14, 2004
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      Using Hamcap together with Ionoprobe.
      From my observations, it looks as the SSNe gives the best view of the
      actual band conditions (normal it is derivated from Ionosondes data).
      For example last weekend during the ARRL10 the 90 days SSN was
      exageratly high, while the real time SSN exageratly low... SSNe
      provided a reliable view of the band shape, but it has to entered
      manualy, so Ionoprobe becomes kind of useless ( you can see near-real
      time SSNe at http://www.nwra-az.com/spawx/ssne24.html )

      Apparently Ionoprobe is really useful only when used together with
      DX-atlas, but DX-atlas MUF-maps are less easy to interprete than the
      Hamcap maps... (*)

      Is there any way of selecting SSNe rather than any other value when
      using Ionoprobe and hamcap together ?


      BTW 2 bugs to report:
      - When you open DX-Atlas from hamcap you sometimes get a message that
      version "something or higher" is required ( I have the latest - so
      should not be a problem...). Sometimes it does open normaly.
      - If you do not close Hamcap when using DX-Atlas, the MUF map is kind
      of useless: you do not get the MUF when using the mouse. You have to
      close hamcap to get the MUF values displayed (or is there something I
      did not understand properly on the way DX-atlas and hamcap work
      together ?).

      Last but not least: Morse-runner 1.4 is brilliant... thanks for the
      numerous improvements.