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1404AALog 3.0 and DXAtlas New Idea

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  • oceanbiz01
    May 3, 2009
      Hello to all users:

      I have an idea which I think is a new idea and useful to VHF users. As you know, VHF users and some 10 meter users are grid hunters. Well, AALog 3.0 does a nice job of keeping track of grids and the Awards Statistics in 3.0 lists grids.

      Now, imagine if AAlog 3.0 could send colors to DXAtlas grids. Colors such as "Worked Yellow", QSL Sent Blue", "QSL Received Fuscia" "QSL sent/received Green". Each grid square could be marked by color and it could be viewed as you move the map from NA to SA to EU etc.

      This feature would make grid hunting much easier since you could see what you need and don't need. Since AALog lists all grids, and you are working 2 meters in Florida, it is a waste of time to scroll down from grid AA00 to EL or EM or FN grids, it takes a long time. Whereas, a graphical image would be useful.

      And it would be nice to print from DXAtlas the Current View or a selected piece of the world grid map.

      If anyone else is interested in this idea, please email the authors of DXAtlas and AAlog 3.0 and please post your responses here on the group.

      73 Dan K3ZXL