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1399Re: [dxatlas] OMNI RIG programming with C++

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  • andrea.weick
    Apr 19, 2009
      Hello Alex,
      as I understand the SpinEdit are not part of the Form and I do not find them anywhere. They should be part of my code application or could be simple string. Is it correct? In this case the definitions should be deleted from Form1.

      How to Import Type Library in the Borland C/C++. (to keep track for others programmers). Under the "Project" bar, select "Import Type LĂ©ibrary" and add the "Omnirig.exe". Under the BCB\Imports you will find some new modules/object (Omnirig_TLB and Omnirig_OCX).
      When you compile+link your program you should add the "BCB\Imports" directory get all the references.
      I've now a problem in the compiler:it expects the Omnirig_TLb.dcu but I've ho xx.dcu on my PC. Where I get it? I tried also to add the new CPP Omnirig_OCX/TLB to my project, but no news.
      Andrea hb9fbd

      --- In dxatlas_group@yahoogroups.com, "Alex VE3NEA" <alshovk@...> wrote:
      > Hi Andrea,
      > You do not need SpinEdit to use OmniRig in your project. SpinEdit is just a
      > convenient way of entering and reading numerical values, you can use plain
      > Edit boxes instead.

      > OmniRig_TLB is generated automatically via the Import Type Library menu
      > command.
      > 73 Alex VE3NEA
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      > From: "andrea.weick" <hb9fbd@...>
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      > Sent: Sunday, April 19, 2009 07:57
      > Subject: [dxatlas] OMNI RIG programming with C++
      > Hallo Alex,
      > thanks for your answer. For 1 is clear, but for 2 the way is still long ;-).
      > I'm integrated the PAS/RES code of the OmniClient in my C++ Project, but
      > I'dont get success for 2 reasons:
      > 1. SpinEdit are not found. (maybe I miss some Spin.pas,...)?
      > 2. I miss a OmniRig_TLB.dcu....
      > Some advices? In my opinion I miss some modules.
      > 73 de Andrea hb9fbd
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