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1396Re: [dxatlas] OMNI RIG , HAM PORT Programming with C++

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  • Alex VE3NEA
    Apr 18, 2009
      Hi Andrea,

      ----- Original Message -----
      I've installed HAMPORT in the default directory and I'm using it with a
      TS-870, but every times I try to save the Memories the hamport.mem is saved
      on the Desktop instead of the HAMPORT program directory.
      How can I set the hamport.mem directory as the one of hamport.exe?

      HamPort is a product of DxSoft. Their support Yahoo group is

      I must write an interface in C/C++ to dialog from my DLL to the OmniRig
      (TS-870), but I'don't understand how can I do it.
      Could please someone tell me if and which lib or dll should I include in my
      C/C++ code (and where I find it) and which header (Methods,...)can I use?
      Has someone a documentation? I couldn't see any document on how to interface
      with the Client SW.

      OmniRig is a COM object, its type library is included inside the OmniRig.exe
      file. You can use it in your project just like any other COM object. There
      is an example at http://dxatlas.com/Dev/ showing how to use the DX Atlas COM
      object in a C++ application, the same approach works with OmniRig. If you
      want to see what methods and properties the object has, you can do so using
      the OleView tool that comes with Visual Studio.

      73 Alex VE3NEA
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