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138Is anyone could help me please: MorseRunner 1.4

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  • Gabriele Battaglia
    Dec 13, 2004
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      Hello All in the list.
      Excuse me about my awful english, I know it isn't good unfortunately.

      Well, my name is Gabriel and I live in a small village PortoGaribaldi
      (Loc:JN64DQ) in the north-East part of Italy. I'm amateur radio since 1996
      as IZ4APU.

      I was a fan of RUFZ-cw trainer of DL4MM and PED5.19 of JE3MAS, when I runned
      under Ms-DOS, than I installed Win98SE and I looked for a good trainer for
      many years without find anything interesting.
      Yesterday morning I found MR 1.4 of Alex and, after reading the TXT file, I
      was very excited about my discover.

      SO, I installed it on my Win98SE 500MHZ Celeron with SoundBlaster 1024 live!
      And unfortunately I saw that there was something wrong... MR 1.4 doesn't
      work properly on my sistem.
      When I choose one of the options in the RUN menu, some strange sounds are
      coming out from my phones. It's a little bit hard to describe them. They are
      something like a little noisy and short peaces of sound, some millisecond
      long; and sometime I can hear a little CW wave but absolutely not
      I never had troubles with my SoundCard before. All programs produce audio on
      my system work properly and often together without any conflict or other
      kind of problems.
      I tried to make my machine faster unloading almost resident program: eMule,
      Skype, MSN, Antivirus, Firewall, etcetera... but nothing is changed.

      I'm very sad about that and I really would like find a solution. Is anyone
      could help me?

      Many many thanks in advance and, of course, Merry xmas to all of you and
      your families.


      Add me to your MSN contact: siddharta33@...
      or to your Skype Software using: gabriel_battaglia
      Thank you! Long life and Prosper.