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1363TS-870 vs OmniRig

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  • Eike, DM3ML
    Feb 20, 2009
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      I have been asked by Manfred, DL1DWL, to put this entry in the forum :
      Manfred tries to use a program from HB9MTN to control a magnetic loop
      by the frequency reading of his TS-870. The loop pogram uses OmniRig
      to read the CAT of transceivers. Everything (TX/RX switching, VFO A/B,
      mode control) works, only the frequency readout does'nt work. He
      tested the data exchange with client.exe. The status field jumps
      between 'online' and 'Rig is not responding'. He used the right
      settings 4800 Baud and 8N2 with different polling times. With other
      CAT programs the control works as expected.
      Any advice for Manfred ??
      Thanks in advance an 73 de Eike, DM3ML
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