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1343Skimmer bandwidth

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  • W0MU Mike Fatchett
    Feb 18, 2009
      That makes sense.

      From what I understand skimmer will only decode over a 24khz range. Are
      there any plans to open this range up for people with 192k sound cards and

      Any plans for an RTTY skimmer?


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      never get over." Ben Franklin
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      Hi Mike,

      I experimented a lot with different waterfall resolutions and found out that
      the resolutions other than that used in CW Skimmer work very poorly for
      DXing, contesting, pileup cracking, etc. Lower resolutions make it difficult
      to read Morse Code visually, do not allow you to accurately set the
      frequency, make the bandmap too crowded, etc. I decided to hardcode the
      optimal resolution in the program. As a side benefit, this allowed me to
      implement waterfall panning - you can drag the waterfall vertically and see
      what is above and below the current window. Rocky has variable resolution
      but does not have panning: these two functions are mutually exclusive.

      Of course, nothing prevents CW Skimmer from decoding CW on the frequencies
      that are not visible on the screen, decoding is independent of the display.

      73 Alex VE3NEA
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