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1338RE: [dxatlas] Digest Number 513

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  • Dave Baxter
    Feb 18, 2009
      Oh dear...

      If you had called MS, and explained, they would have let you downgrade
      to XP, for free! It's a little known, but posible "feature" of Vista.


      With a "New" PC, you might get driver availability problems, if the
      hardware maker does not provide drivers for XP. That, of course, is
      not MS's problem.

      Take care.


      Dave G0WBX.

      > -----Original Message-----
      > __________
      > 2a. Re: CW Skimmer 1.4 problems
      > Posted by: "vk2nu" DavidVK2NU@... vk2nu
      > Date: Tue Feb 17, 2009 8:45 pm ((PST))
      > FYI,
      > For those interested, the few bugs I had running CW Skimmer
      > under Vista have all been fixed. I bit the bullet, and
      > downgraded to XP pro 2, and all now works as advertised.
      > I know some have reported running under Vista without any
      > issues, but not in my case.
      > I can now start Skimmer, without first having to manually
      > start Omni- rig, and without first having to run another
      > program to kick start my
      > EMU-0202 soundcard.
      > All is good (except for the 100 bucks I had to pay for XP).
      > David, VK2NU