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133Band Master and Ten-Tec Omni-VI+

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  • jeraldvolpe
    Dec 3, 2004
      I am trying to use the rig control features in Band Master and find
      that when ever i click on a frequency the only change that is
      reflected in my Omni-VI+ is mode changes where they would be
      applicable. The frequency never changes... but whatever the rig's
      frequency may happen to be IS reported properly in the Band Master
      window. I have tried different options for RTS and DTR but only the
      default settings report ok communications with the rig. I am able to
      successfully control the Omni-VI Plus from other applications such
      as ACLog 2.6 and Ham Radio Deluxe, etc.

      I am using Band Master version 1.2 and the latest OmniRig and
      OmniRig Rig definitions.

      Jeald, KG6TT

      P.S. Your ISP refuses mail from my domain.