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1329Re: [dxatlas] Client.exe ?

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  • Alex, VE3NEA
    Feb 17, 2009
      Hi Eike,

      You need Client.exe only if you have created your own INI file for a new
      radio model and want to test it. To configure OmniRig, just run
      OmniRig.exe - in most programs that support OmniRig, there is a menu command
      that starts OmniRig.exe for you.

      73 Alex VE3NEA

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      From: "Eike, DM3ML" <dm3ml@...>
      To: <dxatlas_group@yahoogroups.com>
      Sent: Tuesday, February 17, 2009 12:04 PM
      Subject: [dxatlas] Client.exe ?

      I'm busy in getting familar with OmniRig. Following the description I
      found at http://www.dxatlas.com/omnirig/BetaTest.txt I have to start
      the program 'client.exe' to configure the OmniRig. Where can I find
      this program?
      Thanks in advance and 73 de Eike, DM3ML
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