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1325Re: [dxatlas] Ham Cap Problem

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  • Bruce Tanner
    Feb 17, 2009
      Paul, I recently made an upgrade to the program and did not encounter
      this problem. I am using Win XP if that makes any difference. You might
      try deleting the current install of both and retry it, all the way from
      downloading the files. It sounds like there may be some corruption some
      place to me. Good luck!

      Bruce, K2BET

      Paul Sturpe wrote:
      > I am not having success setting up Ham Cap. I downloaded the most
      > recent versions of Ham Cap and VOACAP from the respective web sites.
      > The VOACAP is version 08.1219W. I assume the Ham Cap is 1.61 but I am
      > not sure, because when I run Ham Cap I get the following message:
      > VOACAP v.08.1124W is required for this program to run. Open the VOACAP
      > download page?
      > I can't get beyond that point. Does Ham Cap require the older version
      > of VOACAP or should it work with the latest update? I have tried some
      > older versions of VOACAP but all of the ones I have tried get me to the
      > same "error" message when I try to run Ham Cap.
      > Does anyone have a suggestion I can try?
      > Thanks,
      > Paul, W3GQ
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