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1324Ham Cap Problem

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  • Paul Sturpe
    Feb 17, 2009
      I am not having success setting up Ham Cap. I downloaded the most
      recent versions of Ham Cap and VOACAP from the respective web sites.
      The VOACAP is version 08.1219W. I assume the Ham Cap is 1.61 but I am
      not sure, because when I run Ham Cap I get the following message:

      VOACAP v.08.1124W is required for this program to run. Open the VOACAP
      download page?

      I can't get beyond that point. Does Ham Cap require the older version
      of VOACAP or should it work with the latest update? I have tried some
      older versions of VOACAP but all of the ones I have tried get me to the
      same "error" message when I try to run Ham Cap.

      Does anyone have a suggestion I can try?


      Paul, W3GQ
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