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1319Re: [dxatlas] Faros Help?

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  • Jim McLaughlin
    Feb 10, 2009
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      Thank you for the reply Dave.

      The radio icon is normal until the program sends a command to the
      radio. Then it just flashes red for a moment. Not sure why there is a
      problem with this. The com port settings are the same for different
      applications. I use at least four other different apps for that radio
      (Yaesu FT-897) without any problems.

      Thanks for the ideas about a GPS but Linux is not really an option
      for me with my portable station. What I really need is for an
      internal program option to use the internal PC clock while operating
      portable and, because of the reduced accuracy, be able to manually
      adjust the time. But, if there was a program option to select a GPS
      ising a com port and NMEA data format from it, I would jump for it.
      Perhaps Alex can add this feature in a upcoming release.



      --- In dxatlas_group@yahoogroups.com, "Dave Baxter" <dave@...> wrote:
      > Hi Jim..
      > Yes, Faros does *Need* direct fast access to the time servers.
      > However, I was not aware that if it couldnt get the accurate time
      > it would not drive the radio. Maybe it needs to get a time "fix"
      > first. By the sound of things, you've got OmniRig working OK. Does
      > Faros show the radio icon at the bottom left with a red or yellow
      > background? If so, it's still got some comm's problems.
      > As to the time server issue...
      > If you know anyone with detailed Linux experience, there is quite a
      > of info on the web, about building your own GPS locked NTP time
      > One such is here.. http://www.wraith.sf.ca.us/ntp/ But its not
      > the feint hearted. However, if you are restricted to dialup
      > it's probably what you need. Lots of linked info there too, also
      > you Google for "GPS NTP server linux" (without the qoutes)
      > Although there are NTP server and GPS time locking utilities for
      > Windows, and free too. Windows (especialy the later NT versuons) is
      > pitiful in its short term time keeping, making (and I've tried this)
      > using any of the popular NTP tools for windows, naff all use for
      > Shame...
      > All the best.
      > 73.
      > Dave G0WBX.
      > http://g8kbv.homeip.net:8008/ My Faros status page. An example of
      > can be done.
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