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1315Re: [dxatlas] DXLabs Commander and Skimmer

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  • Tom
    Feb 8, 2009
      Thanks for the reply. I do have microkeyer and am able to use the
      second CAT port. I was really wanting to use only one interface program
      and not have to load OmniRig as well. That is why I was hoping for an
      interface that would allow that.


      On 2/8/2009 9:39 AM, Pete Smith wrote:
      > At 11:14 AM 2/8/2009, nineback wrote:
      >> I use the DXLabs suite. Is there anyway that Skimmer can be interfaced
      >> with Commander (vice OmniRig) like DXAtlas is with DXView? There are
      >> alot of DXLabs users who would like to be able to interface Skimmer and
      >> Commander for rig control. Dave, AA6YQ, is very supportive of his
      >> DXLab suite of programs and would probably provide such an interface if
      >> possible.
      > Depends what you want to do exactly. You can get spots from Skimmer with
      > virtually any logging software's Telnet client. If your rig is one that is
      > controlled by OmniRig, then you can use RigSync by W2RF to enable you to
      > click on a call or frequency on Skimmer and have it move your radio
      > there. If you want to have both DXLabs and Skimmer talking to the same
      > radio at the same time, then you need some sort of COM port
      > splitter. Recent MicroHam interfaces allow two virtual serial ports per
      > radio, and eterlogic makes a virtual serial port emulator that does the
      > same thing in software - some people have reported good results with
      > it. I'm sure there are other software splitters out there.
      > 73, Pete N4ZR
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