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1313Re: [dxatlas] DXLabs Commander and Skimmer

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  • Pete Smith
    Feb 8, 2009
      At 11:14 AM 2/8/2009, nineback wrote:
      >I use the DXLabs suite. Is there anyway that Skimmer can be interfaced
      >with Commander (vice OmniRig) like DXAtlas is with DXView? There are
      >alot of DXLabs users who would like to be able to interface Skimmer and
      >Commander for rig control. Dave, AA6YQ, is very supportive of his
      >DXLab suite of programs and would probably provide such an interface if

      Depends what you want to do exactly. You can get spots from Skimmer with
      virtually any logging software's Telnet client. If your rig is one that is
      controlled by OmniRig, then you can use RigSync by W2RF to enable you to
      click on a call or frequency on Skimmer and have it move your radio
      there. If you want to have both DXLabs and Skimmer talking to the same
      radio at the same time, then you need some sort of COM port
      splitter. Recent MicroHam interfaces allow two virtual serial ports per
      radio, and eterlogic makes a virtual serial port emulator that does the
      same thing in software - some people have reported good results with
      it. I'm sure there are other software splitters out there.

      73, Pete N4ZR
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