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1303Re: [dxatlas] Re: Improving the skimmer.dxwatch.com website

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  • Pete Smith
    Jan 30, 2009
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      Dunno, Graham - Felipe PY1NB is the brains behond the site and wrote the
      Aggregator. Let's see what he says.

      73, Pete

      At 07:04 AM 1/30/2009, you wrote:
      >Pete, you're probably the chap to answer this.
      >The Aggregator say:
      >"Welcome to the reverse beacon network!
      >the server wants all spots on VHF+ and only CQ spots on HF"
      >On 6m today, CWSkimmer caught G6TGO but not calling CQ. However,
      >although it appeared okay in my "vanilla" telnet session, it didn't
      >appear in the aggregator console window nor on skimmer.dxwatch.com :
      >Is this because 6m doesn't class as VHF or is there some
      >configuration setting I'm missing, or am I just misundertanding
      >Telnet log:
      >Welcome to the CW Skimmer Telnet cluster port!
      >CW Skimmer 1.4 is operated by Graham, G3ZOD in Stockport (IO83WJ)
      >Please enter your callsign:g3zod
      >G3ZOD de SKIMMER 2009-01-29 13:27Z CwSkimmer >
      >DX de G3ZOD-#: 50090.1 G6TGO 18 dB 15 WPM DE
      >73 de Graham G3ZOD
      >Yahoo! Groups Links
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