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1302Re: Improving the skimmer.dxwatch.com website

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  • Graham
    Jan 30, 2009
      Pete, you're probably the chap to answer this.

      The Aggregator say:

      "Welcome to the reverse beacon network!
      the server wants all spots on VHF+ and only CQ spots on HF"

      On 6m today, CWSkimmer caught G6TGO but not calling CQ. However,
      although it appeared okay in my "vanilla" telnet session, it didn't
      appear in the aggregator console window nor on skimmer.dxwatch.com :

      Is this because 6m doesn't class as VHF or is there some
      configuration setting I'm missing, or am I just misundertanding
      Telnet log:
      Welcome to the CW Skimmer Telnet cluster port!
      CW Skimmer 1.4 is operated by Graham, G3ZOD in Stockport (IO83WJ)
      Please enter your callsign:g3zod

      G3ZOD de SKIMMER 2009-01-29 13:27Z CwSkimmer >
      DX de G3ZOD-#: 50090.1 G6TGO 18 dB 15 WPM DE

      73 de Graham G3ZOD
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