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129Using OmniRig COM object with Borland C++ Builder

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  • bat_wings_2000
    Nov 24, 2004
      I'm going to try and implement using OmniRig into my Logging program
      for the Minnesota QSO party but having trouble getting the objcet
      setup under Builder. I imported the type libary (omnirig.exe) into
      builder and it generates the OmniRig_TBL.cpp and OmniRig_TLB.h files
      just fine.

      So pressing on I followed your pascal example
      where you define OmniRig as such:
      OmniRig: TOmniRigX;
      which in C++ would be
      TOmniRigX OmniRig1; however TOmniRigX is not defined in the type libary.

      If I do
      CoOmniRigX *OmniRig;
      that seems to create the com ojbect (there is the normal delay while
      the OS builds it)
      However then
      OmniRig.DialogVisible = true;
      will not compile because DialogVisible is not a member of CoOmniRigX.

      This is the first time I've tried to use COM objects under Builder so
      I'm probably doing something wrong from the getgo.

      Could you comment on this, do you have any C++ code examples that
      implement OmniRig. Anybody on the list worked on this ?.

      Dan WR0DK