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1271Re: Bandmaster losing spots blank screen in Win XP

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  • martinbradford2001
    Dec 18, 2008
      --- In dxatlas_group@yahoogroups.com, "oceanbiz01" <dan-schaaf@...>
      > Dear Alex
      > I have downloaded and installed the v1.42, installed on 2 computers,
      > Dell Notebook and Compact Presario.
      > Both computers are running Bandmaster at the same time but in
      > different rooms and are on my Wireless network to DSL
      > However, After some time the bandmaster screen goes blank, no spots
      > shown on one computer. Then I restart Bandmaster and all is OK for
      > some time, but then the second computer loses Bandmaster screen, no
      > spots. I then restart BM and then later, the first computer loses
      > screen spots.
      > This did not happen with earlier versions of BM. Only v1.42
      > Dan K3ZXL

      I've noticed the same, but I'm pretty sure it is relating to the
      computer going to sleep following a period of inactivity - I've never
      seen bandmaster latch up like this while I'm actually using the PC -
      it's when I go away for a while and the PC goes to sleep that I come
      back to waggle the mouse and find bandmaster with a blank screen.
      This, by the way, is on Vista - dunno about previous versaions of
      Bandmaster and previous versions of Windows - I recently upgraded my
      old PC and the new one came with Vista and configured for power

      Martin (G8FXC)
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