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1266CW Skimmer performance questions

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  • Gregg W6IZT
    Dec 4, 2008
      I am using CW skimmer 1.3 with an IQ-SDR and a 3.8 GHz dual core Athlon PC
      with an EMU202 USB sound card. I connect the IQ-SDR directly to my RX
      antennas. The CW Skimmer utilization indicator max's out under crowded band
      conditions. The PC CPU utilization is about 50%. I have tried to use a lower
      sampling rate which helps some, but does not alleviate the issue.

      Do I need a faster PC? Is the USB soundcard an issue? With the USB soundcard
      I cannot get CW to decode properly when using WDM.

      Any assistance is greatly appreciated



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