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1263RE: [dxatlas] Bandmaster bug under Vista?

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  • John T. Fleming
    Dec 9, 2008

      I don't know if this is the problem, but Vista has strict rules like UNIX
      about writing to the Program Files area. As a work around to make Vista
      seem compatible with older programs, Vista uses Virtual Store which is in
      the USER area. The easiest way to find the file related to a program that
      violates this rule is to go to the folder with the program in it. At the
      top of the file listing window is a button labeled "compatibility files" or
      something similar. Click on that button and it will take you to the folder
      with the files. That may be why it does not seem to commit it to disk. I
      don't run Bandmaster, but this may help you resolve the problem.




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      Subject: [dxatlas] Bandmaster bug under Vista?

      Hi there,

      just migrated to a new PC which has Vista Home Premium edition loaded.
      Most things seem to be working OK except for trying to create new
      bandmaster filters - or edit existing ones. I'm trying to set the "Only
      spotted by neighbours" flag and it always reports an access violation
      when I press OK. The edit actually has been made, but not committed to
      disk - if I close and restart bandmaster, I'm back to the original
      configuration. I'm running V1.41 and it's on a fully patched Vista -
      anybody seen the same symptoms?

      Martin (G8FXC)

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