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1257Skimmer with LP-PAN

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  • N1EU
    Dec 5, 2008
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      Newbie would appreciate help with getting Skimmer working with LP-
      PAN/K3. I'm using an M-Audio 2496PCI soundcard. I've got it running
      and decoding like crazy but looking for:

      1. Is there setup info for this config posted somewhere?
      2. I'm setup with SoftRock-IF as hw type and have been playing with
      Audio IF attempting to align bandmap freq with K3 freq without much
      luck. How do you get Skimmer's freq right in this config?
      3. I can only display 10Khz spectrum (1280X1024 monitor) without
      scrolling - can you zoom out to display more of the 24Khz spectrum at
      once or is this non-adjustable?

      Thanks & 73,
      Barry N1EU
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