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1226Reverse Beacon Network Update

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  • Pete Smith
    Nov 22, 2008
      It's been a while since I reported on the status of the Reverse Beacon
      Network (http://skimmer.dxwatch.com), run by Felipe, PY1NB. Happily,
      there's good news to report.

      First of all, the number of Reverse Beacons using CW Skimmer to report CW
      DX heard at their QTHs has increased dramatically. As I write this, we
      have 17 reverse beacon stations reporting on bands 160-15 and 6 meters,
      from the US Pacific Northwest (W7TMT), across the US Middle West and East
      (too many to list), and from Europe (OY3JE, SV8RV and others). From
      September 1 to today, 42 percent of visitors to the site have been new
      ones, and the overall visitor trend is up nicely so far in November.

      A major contribution to the increased activity, we think, is the release of
      version 1.3 of CW Skimmer, free to all registered users (and available for
      a free trial) at www.dxatlas.com . The new Skimmer includes reporting of
      signal strengths of spotted stations, which are displayed on the web
      site. That means, for example, that you can send a CQ from your station in
      the United States and, once you've been spotted, compare your signal at
      that reverse beacon with those of other stations from your part of the world.

      If you'd like to find out more, log on to http://skimmer.dxwatch.com, and
      read the brief introductory articles there to find out how easy it is to
      use or participate in the Reverse Beacon Network.

      73, Pete N4ZR
      the World Contest Station Database is back...