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1220Re: [dxatlas] Re: Looking for a few CW Skimmer users willing to test integration ...

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  • Bruce Tanner
    Nov 21, 2008
      Adam et al, I don't know if you fellows are members of the Yahoo
      Softrock40 group but there is an excellent example of synergy and
      International teamwork in things electronic. The core of the group seems
      to be a dozen or so very knowledgeable and creative tech and engineers
      scattered among the continents who over the past couple of years have
      each made major contributions to the development of the very functional
      and inexpensive, Softrock SDR receivers, transceivers and software. They
      have come from a very rudimentary but functional design of a one band
      receiver to a most recently developed beta version of a fully
      operational general coverage receiver as well as one watt, all band
      transceiver, both of which are now being beta tested for VHF and UHF
      coverage with digital band switching, USB controlled, continuous tuning
      VFO with full mode, CW paddle and PPT capability. All of these features
      have been posited and developed a step at a time by one or more of the
      individuals working in consort with each other. It is a wonderful
      process to watch... almost as wonderful as the end product is to behold
      and to play with. I expect your software projects will morph into
      something similar at some point. Thanks for all of your efforts at bring
      that time, process and benefits closer to the rest of us.


      Bruce, K2BET

      Adam Fast wrote:
      > > I don't have that mentality and your argument isn't the point at all.
      > > The examples you used all provided added functionality or a new and
      > > arguably better way of doing something.
      > >
      > > I don't see that Philip's idea of running TWO clients is an
      > > improvement, nor do I see that his data aggregation adds anything
      > > that we don't already have. What it does do is split a single data
      > > stream into two disparate streams requiring another IP connection
      > > and, likely, another parsing routine, and for what advancement?
      > Understood. I guess the main point I was making is you never know when
      > something's "done". It may be launched with a little now, more to come
      > later.
      > However, communication / data sharing between everybody will benefit
      > us all. Awesome to see the ham community so willing to share and
      > experiment together! (I write / release stuff under BSD, so I guess
      > that bleeds through to other thinking too) I'll shut up now :)
      > Adam
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