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1187Re: [dxatlas] CW Skimmer / SDR-IQ "stopping" abnormally

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  • Adam Fast
    Nov 13, 2008
      I'm running the "highly recommended" version of the ActiveX from W2RF
      from this link: http://www.dxatlas.com/CwSkimmer/SDRIQX.asp

      It says it's version, sdrIQx.dll. It's been regsrv32'd
      properly and I haven't seen any "errors" from it.

      CW Skimmer itself is version 1.3 downloaded two days ago.

      Hardware is XP Pro (32-bit) service pack 2-ish, two AMD Opteron 1.6GHz
      chips and less than 500MB of 1GB RAM used.


      On Thu, Nov 13, 2008 at 8:30 AM, Pete Smith <n4zr@...> wrote:
      > No, it is not time-limited. This used to be a problem with the very
      > earliest SDR-IQ version of Skimmer - are you sure you have the latest of
      > both the Skimmer and the SDR-IQ activeX control?
      > 73, Pete N4ZR
      > At 08:42 AM 11/13/2008, you wrote:
      >>Hello all,
      >>Not certain if this is the right list for this, if not please point me
      >>somewhere more appropriate - this is the list linked from the CW
      >>Skimmer site.
      >>I've got a (trial) copy of CW Skimmer running with an SDR-IQ. However,
      >>it's "stopping" itself almost seemingly at random (so far, I've only
      >>got a couple days experience so not enough to correlate yet).
      >>Runtimes have been 3hrs, 7.5hrs, 5 hrs, 11.5 hrs and 30 minutes (have
      >>a logger running).
      >>I do have a script I wrote in order to automagically QSY from band to
      >>band via telnet commands, however this behavior was happening before I
      >>brought that into the picture.
      >>What happens is the waterfall just goes blank. No error messages, no
      >>program crashes, the waterfall display just stops. It keeps the
      >>connections to all my telnet apps open (and I can see them in the
      >>bottom of the window as normal). Clicking the "Start / Stop Radio"
      >>button twice (presumably once to stop / once to start?) brings it back
      >>to life.
      >>I didn't see documented anywhere that during the trial mode it was
      >>time limited - but am willing to accept that, obviously. I just wanted
      >>to make sure this wasn't indicative of something within my setup that
      >>may not work out before I bought it.
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