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  • D. Mynatt
    Nov 4, 2008
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      (TO POST)

      I think I'm going to try the setup suggested by Alex on his web site. It's a bit much compared with just making a some-named gif as an export from faros, but Faros is really nice and Alex has done a masterful job on it. I'll try the FTP application. I think I had it working, but need to try again to be sure. I need to get my antenna fixed; I broke off a bolt and the top of the discone is now free-floating. Ugh!

      Maybe all this activity will challenge a really talented person to write a neat add-on that does this... an 'all-in-one' thing that works no matter what image from a base application needs to be copied to and overwrite a file on a server.

      Thanks guys,


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      --- In dxatlas_group@yahoogroups.com, "Dave Baxter" <dave@...> wrote:
      > Hi...
      > At the moment I host my own web site so the auto FTP upload isn't an
      > issue for me, yet. However I did it this way as like Alex (G7KSE) I had
      > lots of problems with WinSCP, not least that most servers will auto
      > disconnect you, if there is no traffic between you and them, 15 minutes
      > was way too long! Any less, and I'd risk the ISP police complaining
      > about something.
      > I've looked at AutoFTP, it would appear to do the job, but I've not yet
      > used it in anger.
      > For web page creation, I started with the example liked on the IBP
      > website by VE3SUN at http://faros.ve3sun.com/
      > I then used Nvu and later Kompozer (a derivative of Nvu) to alter and
      > maintain the web page as needed
      > http://www.nvu.com
      > Both work well on Windows, and seem to create compact and reliable web
      > code. Very easy to use too.
      > For me, I have the webserver program on one PC, and all the data (web
      > page etc) on a read only shared folder on the machine that runs Faros.
      > Proof of the pudding? See..
      > http://g8kbv.homeip.net:8008/
      > The use of port 8008 is a simple but pressingly effective measure to
      > keep 99% of the malicious script kiddies away, as I don't keep an open
      > port 80 to the world, also my router/gateway is configured to detect and
      > block any DoS behaviour to specific ports, ok so you are still taken off
      > air for a while, but it limits the mayhem on the LAN side... I have
      > had to block access to most of China though! As I was getting malicious
      > "Post" commands (googling on what was trying to be Posted!) and not
      > wanting to find out the hard way about what they were trying to do (that
      > the server does not support) I blocked that web IP subnet at the router.
      > Sad, but it had to be done.
      > There are many such free personal web server programs around, but take
      > care to get one without any "other undocumented functionality" It's a
      > bit of a chore checking for stuff like that, but for example if it
      > installs weird services on your PC, and/or creates odd open ports etc,
      > it's probably best uninstalled and deleted.
      > I also run the webserver in what's called a "Sandbox". Effectively a
      > "Virtual Machine" so if somthing nasty does happen to it, it's only that
      > VM that get's nuked, needing just that restarting for the "system" to be
      > clean again. I use the well known SandboxIE program for that, very
      > good, if a little tricky to get setup to run a server that needs some
      > external resources.
      > If you also include a text file in the same folder as the main web page
      > called "robots.txt" with this as it's contents, just two lines...
      > User-agent: *
      > Disallow: /
      > That will tell any web crawling robots (the well behaved ones that is)
      > not to search any deeper than your main page. The bad robots will
      > probably ignore it, but it's a moot point.
      > Alex VE3NEA if you ask him, can provide you with a .ico file, that is
      > the blue beacon image, that you can put again in the same folder as
      > "favicon.ico" That will let the browser assign that to the URL in the
      > address bar, and any a favourite or bookmark if they save your URL as
      > such. (You can also use it to customise any desktop shortcut you have
      > for Faros, or related tools.)
      > If you do host your own web server (or any other web based service
      > "open" to the world) you really do need to fully understand web/network
      > security, and how to manage things like DoS (Denial of Service) floods
      > etc. There is lots of stuff on the web about all that, but ultimately,
      > it's a steep learning curve! Much of what I learnt, came from
      > www.grc.com and their "Security Now" netcasts. A most useful site to
      > browse, especially if you have any hard disk troubles......
      > Above all, if you run a server of any type with public access, keep an
      > eye on it for any "Odd" behaviour, and if you see any, investigate it
      > and do what's needed there and then.
      > Hope something here helps someone.
      > Cheers.
      > Dave G0WBX (G8KBV)

      Hi Dave (G0WBX). As you can see with the script I'm still with
      Wordpress, VE3SUN's pages are really useful if you are build pages up
      from scratch and I totally agree with you about Kompozer (Nvu). Easy
      to use and well supported. As for the self host. I tried setting
      something up locally and I have to say that it was beyond me. Perhaps
      I need to do some more learning before trying again. Really good to
      know that there is an expert looking on though.

      Dave (KA0SWT)
      That stuff I posted was the full template from my wordpress site. I
      see also that you've given it a try on XAMPP. Perhaps I should do the
      same and see if it'll work for me. What theme are you usung and I'll
      try and copy that on my machine.


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