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113Re: [dxatlas] Re: TRX MANAGER

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  • Alex, VE3NEA
    Nov 15, 2004
      Hi David,

      You should have something like this in the pin list file:


      The longitude and latitude of the pin must be specified in the file. Perhaps
      you can write a script in Excel to convert grid squares to lat/lon.

      73 Alex VE3NEA

      > Dear Alex many thanks for info, but I don't understand the
      > proceedure can you possibly give me a sample entry that must be made
      > in Excel?
      > I contacted Laurent Labourie of Trx-Manager and he said "pins" can
      > not be automatically imported into Dx Atlas from Trx-Manager.
      > Can I not use the grid locators instead of latitude and longitude,
      > in a Excel file.
      > Just purchased Dx Atlas, and a very fine program it is,although I
      > don't understand some of it's functions.
      > regards David Sayles
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