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1053SoftRock 8.3 Lite with Rocky

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  • Pete Smith
    Sep 11, 2008
      At 06:49 PM 9/11/2008, K2BET wrote:
      >Glad to hear of your success!
      >I am trying to get 'Rocky' to work properly with the SoftRock V.8.3 Lite
      > receiver. I am not sure how it is supposed to track the USB I2C VFO. I
      >seem to be able to get different parts of the bands but nothing seems
      >consistent, nor am I able to calibrate to the frequency readout.
      >Anyone here familiar with that play field?
      >I am rather facinated with the the new SDR kits. I have been able to
      >make them work correctly with PowerSDR software but so far not with
      >Rocky. What am I doing wrong?

      Info in the help file is limited:

      "Install the Si570-USB driver

      Download the SI570_firmware.zip file from
      <http://www.mydarc.de/dg8saq/SI570/index.shtml>this web page. The driver
      files are located in si570\AVR-USB-Driver folder inside the zip. Extract
      them into a new directory, and connect the Si570 unit to a USB port. When
      prompted for the driver location, navigate to the extracted files.

      Once the driver is installed, enable the Si570 support in Rocky by ticking
      the Use Si570-USB check box in the Settings dialog."

      However, the 8.3 Lite RX in its basic form does not have a USB
      connection. The way I used Rocky with it (I now have an SDR-IQ) was to
      select multi-band on Rocky's DSP tab, and then enter the 8.3 local
      oscillator frequency for each band in the Rocky.ini, like this:


      You'll need to determine the actual Si570 frequency on each band, to get
      the frequency calibration correct.

      73, Pete
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