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1042Skimmer on RTTY

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  • Marijan Miletic
    Sep 5 7:47 AM
      Last weekend I operated SCC RTTY contest I established 10 years ago.
      No DX Cluster, no Skimmer and I felt blind turning two VFO knobs. My FT-
      1000MP 455 kHz IF SDR adapter DH1TW and YU1LM style was idle.

      I soon discovered that none of SDR packages directly supports FSK,
      still a very popular and growing HF contest mode. I learnt about
      simple Virtual Audio Cable application and the following experiment was
      successfully done. FT1K IF SDR drives my PCI Audigy sound card with
      Skimmer audio I/F set to virtual_cable_1. CW pitch is set to the
      highest 1000 Hz value. RTTY is decoded with popular MMTTY program
      using virtual_cable_1 as an input device. Lowest mark frequency of 915
      Hz is selected with standard 170 Hz reverse shift. No CW decoders in
      Skimmer. Shared CAT with N1MM Logger via virtual COM2 port using
      Eterlogic spliter. COM1 does FSK. Everything singing and dancing
      within 8 kHz window on my 1440x900 pixel LCD screen. AFC helps! More
      info after Russian DX contest on Sat. I am patiently waiting for Alex
      RTTY Skimmer.

      UE DE MARIO, S56A, N1YU