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1006Problem with OmniRig and USB/Serial converter

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  • dk1vi
    Aug 17, 2008
      I am just trying to control my Kenwood TS-2000X with OmniRig from my
      laptop using an USB/Serial converter. Display of TS2K shows "PC" to
      indicate it is under PC control but it does not change frequency or
      whatever. After some long time waiting there is actually a change in
      frequency but then nothing again. Inspecting OmniRig.log I find a lot
      of messages "RIG1 Status commands already in queue" .

      Controling the TS2K via Ham Radio Deluxe works perfectly with the same
      USB/Serial Converter. So to me it seems there is a timing problem
      between OmniRig and the USB/Serial Converter.

      I have also checked OmniRig with another PC having a 'native' COM port
      working OK, so my basic settings in Radio configuration menu must be

      Any ideas how I can "fine tune" settings, maybe "Poll int."?

      Ernst, DK1VI
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