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  • ct_castauffs
    We were initially planning to attend....then, reality set in. I don t know how many of you folks have had 4 in college (5 including my wife) at the same time,
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      We were initially planning to attend....then, reality set in. I don't know how many of you folks have had 4 in college (5 including my wife) at the same time, but trust me, it is a daunting task. Our summer vacations will be within a 100 mile drive, and camping will be the activity. Simple stuff. I will probably do some DO demos at the campgrounds. It won't be the same as a DOG or NDOG.

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      I thought you said last summer you'd be able to make this one since the kids weren't in high school anymore!! Darn it! Ronda, who ain't gonna be in Arkansas either

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      > Dwayne, this year is going to be tougher, with all 4 kids in college at the same time, AND Debbie went back to college- so 5 in college at the same time. That is also why we can't go to Arkansas this fall, as gas alone will be over $1500. I will miss your Gumbo!
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      > > ma Tom, us po-boys sure no how to get things done on the cheap.
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    • Mark & Barbara Wilkins
      I ve never had anyone try to lift my lid or look in my pot ever, without asking. But again, I usually dont leave my lid lifter sitting on the oven making it
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        I've never had anyone try to lift my lid or look in my pot ever, without asking. But again, I usually dont leave my lid lifter sitting on the oven making it even possible. Usually they ask whats cooking in a particular pot, and we'll tell them, and depending on the dish & venue, we'll lift the lid for them to get a peek. But if I am doing bread for example, probably not gonna lift the lid most times.

        From: Wally Dennis <wally.dennis@...>
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        Listen to ole Splatterdab he wont lead you astray.  He spent 4 days with me last week I'm still confused.  O well I was that way before he got here.  Most of the cooks I cook with don't mind you looking in their pots or loaning  you something if you forgot it.  Just be courteous and ask and return Equipment to them when done. Just remember manners.  I don't like somebody coming into my cooking space and helping themselves to what ever with out asking, I don't like somebody lifting my lid with out asking either.  I will help any body I can.  I try to treat people the way I like to be treated, with respect.
        Randy is a fun guy to be around willing to help any way he can.
        I started life in the old school 74 years ago, can get a little testie at times when provoked.

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        As most of you know, Sal and I drove down to the NC/VA DOG down in North Carolina last week. It was our third time at a DOG, but only our second participation. Everyone at the DOG was very gracious, helping us figure things out, etc.

        Since we are new a this I was wondering if all of you would put your thinking caps on and think about the sorts of things that other DOG members do that drive you crazy. I asked my group leader, Randy, up here in PA, that question but he didn't really answer except to tell me to read a silly list on the Valley Forge Black Pot website. I would really like to know what proper DOG manners.

        For instance, when we first got to the campground we unloaded most of our stuff out of our car into our camper. The next morning when we were cooking at the Pavillion, which was about 7 miles away from the campsite, we realized we left a few things in the RV. Also, because we are new at this we just plumb didn't own some of the things we needed.

        How upset would you be if I needed to borrow oil? a thermometer? a few sheets of papertowels? your coffeepot to brew up some coffee? sugar for the dern coffee? I'm the sort of person that feels what's mine is yours as I believe everything I have is only by the grace of God anyway. How do you feel? Do you get upset when people lean over to look in your pot when you are stirring? When they ask you questions?

        We ran back to our site to get the things we forgot (coffee and sugar) but then forgot the oil. URGH! The papertowels I left in the car. I only needed two to wipe out my pot. We didn't bring a separate burner of any type so we asked to borrow from one of hosts to perk some coffee in the borrowed coffeepot. Should I have walked to the car and dug to find them or was it okay to ask my neighbor for two sheets? I don't want to be an annoyance to the self-sufficient old timers.

        If I might make a suggestion, too, to you seasoned DO cookers, when you give advice give it in a way that says, "I do it like such and such but you do it the way you feel most comfortable." That way we newbies won't feel like we are being disrespectful if we don't do it your way. I had one instance this past weekend where one person said to do something one way and another said to do it a different way and I didn't know what the heck to do. I really wanted to do it a different way than I did it but feared insulting the advisor who was paying more attention.

        Last but not least, I was wondering what it is about going to DOGs that you like most? I'm wondering why people go. I know why I liked going. I loved meeting new friends, being outdoors, and getting away. It was a very relaxed way of making dinner. I loved sitting at the big long table eating together, too. It was nice for hubby and I to get away from the grandchildren and their parents who live with us right now.


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