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Re: The Dutch Oven

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  • rlb_51
    Thanks for sharing that Bob! Ronda
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 13, 2013
      Thanks for sharing that Bob! Ronda

      --- In dutchovencooking@yahoogroups.com, "Bob Zukowski" wrote:
      > The Dutch Oven
      > You mind that old oven so greasy and black,
      > That we hauled in a wagon or put in a pack.
      > The biscuits she baked wasn't bad by no means,
      > And she had the world cheated fer cookin' up beans.
      > If the oven was there you could always git by,
      > You could bake, you could boil, you could stew, you could fry.
      > When the fire was built she was throwed in to heat
      > While they peeled the potaters and cut down the meat.
      > Then the cook put some fire down into a hole.
      > Next, he set in the oven and put on some coals.
      > I allus remember the way the cook did
      > When he took the old "Goncho" and lifted the lid.
      > He really was graceful at doin' the trick.
      > The old greasy sackers they just used a stick.
      > Boy Howdy! We all made a gen'l attack.
      > If the hoss with the dutch oven scattered his pack.
      > You mind how you lifted your hoss to a lope
      > And built a long loop in the end of your rope.
      > You bet them old waddies knowed what to expect.
      > No biscuits no more if that oven got wrecked.
      > We didn't know much about prayin' or lovin'
      > But I reckon we worshipped that greasy old oven.
      > And the old cowboy smiles when his memory drifts back
      > To the oven that rode in the wagon or pack.
      > by Bruce Kiskasddon
      > http://www.cowboypoetry.com/chuckwagons.htm#Holler
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