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Re: Need a yeast bread recipe

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  • CaptMidnight1943
    Howdy bjhese! Got some good news! I ve been doing some homework for you. The Hulman Company, makers of the fine baking powder brands
    Message 1 of 3003 , Nov 1, 2000
      Howdy bjhese!<br><br>Got some good
      news!<br><br>I've been doing some homework for you.<br><br>The
      Hulman Company, makers of the fine baking powder brands
      Clabber Girl and Rumford.<br><br>Started making baking
      powder in 1879!!<br><br>So, for what ever reason, you
      can use baking powder in your sourdough yeast
      rolls.<br><br>The original baking powder was call "Crystal" another
      brand was "Dauntless"<br><br>I would bake rhe Easy
      Sourdough Biscuit/roll recipe post #624.<br><br>for anyone
      interest in baking powder history-please see
      <br><br><a href=http://www.hulman.com/history.asp target=new>http://www.hulman.com/history.asp</a><br><br>An interesting site for baking powder.
    • mississippi_biscuit
      Message 3003 of 3003 , Feb 7, 2011
        --- In dutchovencooking@yahoogroups.com, mississippi_biscuit wrote:
        > CHICKEN DINNER<br><br><br>8 chicken thighs (or
        > your favorite parts)<br>1 stick of margarine or
        > butter<br>2 medium onions (sliced)<br>5 large potatoes
        > (peeled and sliced) or use Red Potatoes (sliced)<br>1
        > small bag Baby Carrots<br>All-Purpose flour<br>2 cups
        > water<br>Salt<br>Pepper<br>1 large freezer bag<br><br><br><br>12 inch Dutch
        > Oven<br><br><br> Salt and pepper chicken to taste. Flour pieces in
        > freezer bag. Place 20 to 30 coals on bottom of oven or
        > use a camp stove. Melt margarine or butter in bottom
        > of oven. Add floured chicken and brown on both
        > sides.<br><br> Add sliced onions first, potatoes second, and then
        > carrots. Add 2 cups of water. Place lid on oven and remove
        > from bottom fire.<br><br> Place 15 coals on top and 9
        > coals on bottom of Dutch oven. This will cook at 325
        > degrees. Cook for one to one and a half hours or until
        > vegetables are tender.<br><br> Salt and pepper to
        > taste.<br><br><br> N<br> I have substituted meat with Pork Chops or
        > Rabbit. You can use your favorite meat. Rabbit was really
        > good.
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