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Pot Roast

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  • n5hbb
    CAJUN POT ROAST 4 - 5 lb Pot Roast 5 - 8 lbs Red Potatoes 1 bag Carrots 1 stalk Celery 3 - 4 large Onions 1 8 oz jar sliced
    Message 1 of 3003 , Aug 10, 2000
      CAJUN POT ROAST<br><br><br>4 - 5 lb Pot
      Roast<br>5 - 8 lbs Red Potatoes<br>1 bag Carrots<br>1 stalk
      Celery<br>3 - 4 large Onions<br>1 8 oz jar sliced
      Mushrooms<br>2 Beef Bullion Cubes<br>Olive Oil<br>Tabasco Garlic
      Marinade or<br>Cajun Garlic Marinade <br><br>14" Deep
      Dutch Oven<br>Cajun Injector Syringe<br><br><br>Inject
      pot roast with garlic marinade spacing injections at
      approximately 2 inches apart throughout the roast. Push the
      injector in until it reaches the bottom of the roast and
      pull it out slowly as you are injecting the roast.
      Store the roast in the refrigerator
      overnight.<br><br>In a hot dutch oven, pour 3 to 4 tablespoons of
      olive oil and brown the roast on all
      sides.<br><br>Remove the roast from the dutch oven and add 3 to 4
      sliced onions with 2 beef bullion cubes that have been
      dissolved in 2 cups of water. Then place the roast on top
      of the mixture in the dutch oven. Cover and cook for
      2 hours with 17 hot coals on the top and 11 coals
      on the bottom of the dutch oven (325 degrees). After
      1 hour remove the lid and turn the roast
      over.<br><br>At completion of 2 hours, add potatoes (halved or
      quartered), sliced carrots, celery and mushrooms. Cook for 1
      to 2 hours until vegetables are tender.<br><br>When
      serving roast, add salt, pepper & tabasco sauce to taste.
    • mississippi_biscuit
      Message 3003 of 3003 , Feb 7, 2011
        --- In dutchovencooking@yahoogroups.com, mississippi_biscuit wrote:
        > CHICKEN DINNER<br><br><br>8 chicken thighs (or
        > your favorite parts)<br>1 stick of margarine or
        > butter<br>2 medium onions (sliced)<br>5 large potatoes
        > (peeled and sliced) or use Red Potatoes (sliced)<br>1
        > small bag Baby Carrots<br>All-Purpose flour<br>2 cups
        > water<br>Salt<br>Pepper<br>1 large freezer bag<br><br><br><br>12 inch Dutch
        > Oven<br><br><br> Salt and pepper chicken to taste. Flour pieces in
        > freezer bag. Place 20 to 30 coals on bottom of oven or
        > use a camp stove. Melt margarine or butter in bottom
        > of oven. Add floured chicken and brown on both
        > sides.<br><br> Add sliced onions first, potatoes second, and then
        > carrots. Add 2 cups of water. Place lid on oven and remove
        > from bottom fire.<br><br> Place 15 coals on top and 9
        > coals on bottom of Dutch oven. This will cook at 325
        > degrees. Cook for one to one and a half hours or until
        > vegetables are tender.<br><br> Salt and pepper to
        > taste.<br><br><br> N<br> I have substituted meat with Pork Chops or
        > Rabbit. You can use your favorite meat. Rabbit was really
        > good.
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