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Capt's Sourdough Biscuits-rolls

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  • CaptMidnight1943
    These rolls are real cowboy style-they ain t fancy, they are just about what the old chuck wagon cooks made back when. I try to use just about what a
    Message 1 of 3003 , Feb 23, 2000
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      These rolls are real cowboy style-they ain't
      fancy, they are just about what the old chuck wagon
      cooks made back when.<br><br>I try to use just about
      what a range cook would have in his wagon back in the
      old days. <br><br>He did have sugar, flour, salt,
      lard, he did not have milk, eggs, Crisco,when on a
      trail drive-it is mighty hard to near impossible to
      drive a bunch of chickens along with them
      cows.<br><br>here we go<br><br>4 cups active starter<br>3.5 cups
      white flour-high grade flour<br>3 tbl sugar<br>2 tsp
      salt<br>6 to 8 tbl lard<br><br>mix all dry stuff and cut in
      the lard-start adding <br>dry stuff to your
      starter-flop it out on work board and finish up working in the
      dry stuff-you may have to add a little flour or water
      to get this dough ball right, water content of flour
      varies with the weather-as everyone knows who bakes
      anything. You do not want a sticky dough.<br><br>work this
      dough good till you have nice smooth dough ball-flop it
      in a greased bowl and let sit in a nice warm place
      till it is twice as big as when it started rising.
      this is called doubled in the baking business-and it
      make a nice soft roll.<br><br>punch this dough ball
      down and get all the air out of it. Pinch off balls a
      little bigger than a golf ball-flaten out a bit and
      place in a well greased Dutch Oven-kinda close to each
      other-so they rise up-when they are twice the size
      again-put in coals-most of the coals on top-bake about as
      long as Beer bread.<br><br>These rolls is mighty good
      as they are, or with sausage gravy slopped on top
      them.<br><br>Tip-when messin with Dutch Ovens-you gotta really keep
      watch while baking-you got to hot a fire your going to
      burn these rolls right up.<br><br>Capt
    • mississippi_biscuit
      Message 3003 of 3003 , Feb 7, 2011
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        --- In dutchovencooking@yahoogroups.com, mississippi_biscuit wrote:
        > CHICKEN DINNER<br><br><br>8 chicken thighs (or
        > your favorite parts)<br>1 stick of margarine or
        > butter<br>2 medium onions (sliced)<br>5 large potatoes
        > (peeled and sliced) or use Red Potatoes (sliced)<br>1
        > small bag Baby Carrots<br>All-Purpose flour<br>2 cups
        > water<br>Salt<br>Pepper<br>1 large freezer bag<br><br><br><br>12 inch Dutch
        > Oven<br><br><br> Salt and pepper chicken to taste. Flour pieces in
        > freezer bag. Place 20 to 30 coals on bottom of oven or
        > use a camp stove. Melt margarine or butter in bottom
        > of oven. Add floured chicken and brown on both
        > sides.<br><br> Add sliced onions first, potatoes second, and then
        > carrots. Add 2 cups of water. Place lid on oven and remove
        > from bottom fire.<br><br> Place 15 coals on top and 9
        > coals on bottom of Dutch oven. This will cook at 325
        > degrees. Cook for one to one and a half hours or until
        > vegetables are tender.<br><br> Salt and pepper to
        > taste.<br><br><br> N<br> I have substituted meat with Pork Chops or
        > Rabbit. You can use your favorite meat. Rabbit was really
        > good.
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