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7686RE: [DUTCH OVEN COOKING] Re: New to all of this

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  • Powell Jr, Roy
    Jul 1, 2003
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      Hey Rick,
      Welcome to the group. You are going to have a great time here talking
      with all these great people and great DO cooks. Hope to hear from you again

      The Seasoned Rookie,
      use to be a Bear

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      CathiBrown@... wrote:

      > I
      > seem to be having trouble with my chimney. I put the coals in it,
      > light the
      > newspaper on the bottom and then wonder how I'm going to get to the
      > red hot
      > coals on the bottom without having to empty the top. Seems the top
      > coals hardly
      > get started when the ones on the bottom are about done and falling
      > through!
      > I'm certainly doing something wrong! Now, my husband, he just layers
      > them in
      > the grill in a nice even layer, douses them with about a gallon (not
      > really) of
      > lighter fluid and watches the flames rise above our heads! Using a
      > chimney,
      > you shouldn't have to use any fluid, right?

      I'm a beginner at DO, so I haven't posted, but I have used a chimney a
      bit. I often put a couple pieces of kindling vertically in with the
      charcoal. The fire travels up the sticks.

      Rick Clements

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