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  • groenendyk
    Jul 16, 2014
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      Greetings, we are in the final days of getting all our plans for the 2014 NDOG done. Short version is that our web site has most of the latest updates. There are pdf files in the schedule tab that has our latest updates. If you need to register or make plans to camp that info is there as well.  Each of the NDOGs that i have attended have had their own unquie spin to "food, fun and fellowship". We hope to do the same, Beth Howard (aka "The Pie Lady) is from the small town of Eldon IA. She lives in the house that Grant Wood made famous in the American Gothic painting of the couple with the pitchfork. She is going to give a demo on making pies and how that helped her her thru the grief of the death of her husband.  You can check out the link on our web site to order her cookbooks thru the Book Vault. The demo is free to the NDOG attendees and if possible we would like a head count of those wishing to attend this demo on Saturday afternoon.  We are also going to open this event to the public (for a fee). Be giving us a count of who's attending we know how many of the non NDOG folks we can have. If you have questions feel free to email me at rjgr2973@...

      Hope to see you there.






































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