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70731Youth Cook Off at 2014 NDOG

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  • mississippi_biscuit
    Jul 13, 2014
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      Meet Harold Auten! "I quit counting the years I have been cooking, but started cooking in the scouting program and enjoyed it ever scence.
      When Gordon Crawford invited me to ride along for a DOG get together it has been a very enjoyable ride, meeting new people and visiting with the general public. It's a real joy answering their questions about cooking with the dutch ovens.
      One of the things I really enjoy is looking at a recipe and changeing it to make it my own, but the most enjoyable is the camaraderie with the other cooks.
      Some of the things I enjoy making is my holiday ham, super charged mashed potatos, my sin-satioanal deviled eggs and a cherry brandy cheese cake."
      When you're taking on the task of planning a National DOG, we love to hear people say, " I'll help anywhere you'd like" ! That's what Harold told us and we appreciate that quality in Harold. You may see Harold all over Walnut Acres this year! However, with his experience with scouting, we think he'll be a great fit with the Youth Cook-off!
      National Dutch Oven Gathering's photo.
      National Dutch Oven Gathering's photo.