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70728Meet The MO Dutchettes at the 2014 NDOG

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  • mississippi_biscuit
    Jul 13, 2014
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      Meet the MO Dutchettes! These gals will be doing one of the Demonstrations for Cooking with wood: We're glad our paths crossed at the 2013 NDOG! In the picture, Jamie is on the left, Becky on the right.

      My name is Jamie Walsh. I’m from a little ole town called Archie in Missouri. I believe it was about 5 or 6 years ago, my friend Becky White asked me to join her and her family for a cook out. And that day was my very first DO gathering. After learning some tricks of the trade from Becky, Kim and Terri, and after eating all that delicious food, I was hooked! I started attending DO gatherings with Becky on a regular basis, have a handful of contest entries under my belt, and even earned a place in the newspaper during the Ponka City, Oklahoma DO gathering. As far as my favorite dish, well they’re all wonderful, but I really like making cobbler in a dutch oven. I know it’s an easy one, but it just looks so enticing sitting in a black pot bubbling with all that butter crumbled topping. YUM!

      My name is Becky White. My hometown is Independence, MO home to Harry S Truman and the beginning of the three western trails: the Santa Fe, California, and the Oregon. I've always loved being outdoors and continued that love with my family by going on many camping trips. When my sister-in-law Terri joined our family, my brother's family became our best camping buddies. We grew a bit tired of hot dogs, hamburgers, etc. so Terri researched and found some Dutch oven recipes. So, we went right out, bought one for each of us, and through much trial and error, grew to love the art of Dutch oven cooking. We've been on several DOGs as well as get-togethers with friends around the fire, which is what we generally use to cook with. My husband and I created a reputation for our kids' high school marching band as the most well fed band at all the marching festivals for several years. I think my favorite thing I've made in my ovens was lasagna and garlic bread. Everything just tastes better in cast iron

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