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70398Altitude Adjustments

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  • kelly83686
    Feb 22, 2014
      No, it's not "Attitude Adjustments" (I won't comment on that any further!), but rather altitude adjustments.  Any of you find it necessary to change recipes and/or cooking times at higher elevations?  We just moved from 2500 foot elevation to 4700 feet.  In the kitchen we now have to throw extra flour in some of the Betty Crocker cake mixes to adjust.  (Apparently high elevation begins at 3500 feet.)  I know that boiling is affected due to lower atmospheric pressure requiring less heat to bring water to a boil, but for practical intents and purposes, is there that much difference?  Does the DO act enough like a pressure cooker to nullify the effects of altitude?   Got wondering if my favorite DO recipes are going to need some tweaking to adjust for our now higher elevation.

      Idaho Falls, ID 
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