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69989RE: RE: Requesting prayers for my family please.

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  • rlb_51
    Nov 6, 2013

      Thank you all for the prayers and kind thoughts.  It was a difficult day today, but we got through it and I know that dad is better now than he's been in quite a long while.  Mom's doing sort of alright, and we'l take care of her, but it sure is hard to see her hurting so bad.  Ronda 

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      God bless his soul, you and your family. 

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      My  dad died about 1:00 this morning.  He's been in the nursing home off and on for a year, but had a stroke Tuesday night and really went downhill fast after that.  He was 86.  Mom, age 84, is having a really difficult time.  They've been married 63 years.  Your prayers are appreciated.  Thanks.  Ronda

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