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  • Mark & Barbara Wilkins
    Mar 7, 2013
      3 - tbs. all purpose flour
      ½ - tsp. dry mustard
      1 -- tsp. salt
      ½ - tsp black pepper
      1 - 10 ½ oz. can consommé
      1 -- 10 ½ oz. can cream of mushroom soup
      1 -- tbs. Worcestershire sauce
      1 -- tbs. Kitchen Bouquet
      ¼ - tsp. garlic powder
      ½ - tsp. curry powder
      ½ - cup white wine
      5 -- med. potatoes (optional -- baste lamb while cooking if not used)
      Place flour, dry mustard, salt & pepper in large paper bag.
      Place 1-2 cuts of lamb into bag & shake to coat.
      Braze leg of lamb in hot oil, browning fat side last.
      Add remaining ingredients and cook 1-hr. using 1 ring of briquettes under the oven and two rings of briquettes on top of lid.
      Baste meat if potatoes not used.
      Reduce heat using 6 briquettes under the oven and 8 briquettes on top of lid.
      Cook 4-6 hrs.
      Barbequed Rack of Lamb Ribs
      Dry season rack of ribs
      Soak hickory chunks in water for one hr.
      Place briquettes in barbeque or smoker.
      Place rack of ribs on grill fat side down.
      Add hickory chunks on top of briquettes.
      Cook 2-4 hours at low heat.
      Glaze rack of ribs with roasted raspberry chipolte sauce during last 10-15 minutes of cooking.

      Read more at http://www.ifood.tv/recipe/dutch-oven-leg-of-lamb-bbq-rack-of-lamb-ribs#oLrM3qFM4fFxJrlz.99

      From: Kathleen <ksinc33@...>
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      Subject: [dutchovencooking] Re: Rack of Lamb

      no but I do know that it should be about med rare and rosemarry goes very well with it. Look forward to seeing a recipe for it.

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      > Anyone got a recipe for this dish?

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