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68531Re: [dutchovencooking] Re: Hacked !

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  • Randy Hebert
    Feb 20, 2013
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      I got this info from an IT guy in charge of bank security.
      Immediately download contact list, change password AND reset your profile.  Resetting your profile drives the yahoo system into like a reboot.
      I like to run the address book list thru word pad to strip any html coding that could be attached.  From there any thing can be done to list if you know how.

      Randy Hebert


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      Subject: Re: [dutchovencooking] Re: Hacked !
      From: omar alvarez <dutchdelights2@...>
      To: "dutchovencooking@yahoogroups.com" <dutchovencooking@yahoogroups.com>

      I had 68 of those so I automatticlly changed my password .........

      From: rlb_51 <rlb_51@...>
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      Subject: [dutchovencooking] Re: Hacked !

      Must be something in the air. I had over a hundred messages from "Mailer Daemon" in my in box this morning, which I think means they went to addresses that are no longer any good. Nothing in the sent folder though. So far haven't received notice from any of my groups that my email may have been hacked. But if you got a weird message from me, sorry. I think I have things repaired. Ronda

      --- In mailto:dutchovencooking%40yahoogroups.com, "tex-mex" wrote:
      > Sorry to all my dutchoven cooking friends , and others on my Yahoo e-mail list .
      > I was hacked and have taken the appropriate measures ...
      > omar alvarez / dutchdelights2

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