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67690Re: Cold Coals and The L:egend of Biscuit Sims

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  • Terri
    Dec 4, 2012
      Now. Girl Scouts, like Boy Scouts, love a story. (I honestly don't know where Mississippi Swamp Cake originated but I got it from Biscuit. And he's a character). "Wellll girls, mah ole bud, Mister Biscuit Sims, lives wayyyy back in the hills of M*I*SS*I*SS*I*PP*I he does. Tale's told that Dah Biscuit was sittin on his front porch one day a rockin on his rockin chair, shotgun in lap ..." Well the story went on through coon dogs and bears and bears and cherry trees and chocolate and the invention of the Mississippi Swamp Cake. Yes, I can spin a tall tale. I'm Irish. Bottom line: from the girls of my Daughter and Grand Daughter's Girl Scout Troop - "Thank You Mister Biscuit."
      > > > > > >
      > > > > > > They now know your name.
      > > > > > >
      > > > > > > Mike in Upstate NY

      LOL Very Cute Story!! I'll need you over whenever my twin sons get to cubscout age. they are almost 3 so we got a ways to go yet. :)
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