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  • Lori
    Dec 1, 2012
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      Please tell me about the ring method.

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      Thank You Mr. Mike!
      I never in my wildest dreams think I would even become a Legend.
      That recipe is my own creation and developed it many a year ago.
      Sit n in my chair and have me a drink of Doctor Pepper.

      Thanks for the story.


      I would scrap the counting method of coals and go to the ring method.
      The ring works best for me now.

      --- In dutchovencooking@yahoogroups.com, Frank Biffath <biffath@...> wrote:
      > Wow... Replaced coals 5 times in an hour?? Geesh thats ALOT of work
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      > We FLAT out mail
      > Is it still a smart phone if it's operated by a dummy?
      > On Nov 30, 2012, at 3:24 PM, "Mike" <mwarner51@...> wrote:
      > > After many, many changes (see "daughter for sale" posting) I did a double batch of Mississippi Swamp Cake this morning, teaching some DO cooking skills to the grand daughter's girl scout troop. Well, 27 degrees, light snow, 15 mph cutting wind on the shores of Lake Ontario. They're inside. Grandpa's out in the driveway.
      > >
      > > New folks are always asking about how to cook. Well, cooking in the cold and wind bring up a special skill set. Even with great side wind barriers on the cook table, wind and coal play havoc with your coals. They deteriorate VERY quickly and you need to stay on top of them. I find the best gauge is seeing how close my flat palm can get to the top coals and that (and watching coal size shrink) tells me the rate of deterioration. Recipe calls for 17 top and 8 bottom so I replaced bottom when the top ones began to fail. It took 60 minutes to cook and I replenished the coals 5 times. You MUST keep a close eye on them. Rotate lid and pot every 10-15 minutes.
      > >
      > > Now. Girl Scouts, like Boy Scouts, love a story. (I honestly don't know where Mississippi Swamp Cake originated but I got it from Biscuit. And he's a character). "Wellll girls, mah ole bud, Mister Biscuit Sims, lives wayyyy back in the hills of M*I*SS*I*SS*I*PP*I he does. Tale's told that Dah Biscuit was sittin on his front porch one day a rockin on his rockin chair, shotgun in lap ..." Well the story went on through coon dogs and bears and bears and cherry trees and chocolate and the invention of the Mississippi Swamp Cake. Yes, I can spin a tall tale. I'm Irish. Bottom line: from the girls of my Daughter and Grand Daughter's Girl Scout Troop - "Thank You Mister Biscuit."
      > >
      > > They now know your name.
      > >
      > > Mike in Upstate NY
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