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  • Carter Crump
    Oct 31, 2012
      Ref. ID tags:
      If you are interested in making your own tags and tags for your fellow DO cooks; go to www.unline.com and look for brass disks.  They have holes already punched in them.  You can get a set of stamps at Harbor Freight to stamp the disks.  Home Depot and Lowes (or any key shop) can supply the rings.  I use Hog Rings and a Hog Ring Tool to attach the disks to the handle of my DOs.  You will need a piece of flat steel to stamp the disks and a heavy hammer.  Be aware that the disks may bow a little when they are hammered.  Have fun.  I have made a bunch for the scouters in my area. 

      Carter Crump
      Cast Iron Cooking Club
      Old Hickory Council
      5104 Ramillie Run
      Winston-Salem, NC 27106
      Phone 336-650-2711

      From: anderskd <kent.anderson@...>
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      Sent: Saturday, October 27, 2012 11:17 PM
      Subject: [dutchovencooking] Dutch Oven Tags

      A few years ago, I bought some Dutch Oven name tags from a group in California. I would like some more, but don't remember who I ordered them from. They were round. adm stamped wiht my initials, and a number. Does anyone know where i can buy some more?


      Kent Anderson

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