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67421Re: [dutchovencooking] Re: Part 1: Hands On Pie Baking class in Canton

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  • Lori
    Oct 29, 2012
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      Part 2 was awesome. I'm very, very inspired by that pie baking.

      I can't believe we still have power. Chickens still have a roof over their heads, too. Thank you Lord. We had to finish the coop in a hurry because of this storm coming. I wasn't completely sure it was going to be sturdy enough for these winds. Up till now a group of my girls were sleeping up in in one of our maple trees but I knew with winter coming and now this storm, the trees were not going to work. Four chickens are still young and were locked in a dog crate. We had a marauding raccoon last month and then two nights ago an owl hooting his head off two trees over. Now everyone is together in the coop whether they like it or not, safe and sound.

      Sounds like New Yorkers are really getting a beating with this storm. My husband's sister decided to wait out the storm in Ventnor City, just south of Atlantic City, NJ, both of which are on a barrier island. They were able to get to a friend's house at 12' above sea level and made it safely through the storm. I don't know how their house fared though. When I told my sister in New Jersey (with the big huge trees around her) to go to a hotel she said she is seeing bright pops from blown transformers, downed wires, etc., all over the place. She said she wouldn't begin to venture out in this storm. Thankfully the tree in her yard did no damage to the house.

      Whoa, there goes another really big gust! Going to bed - 5:45 am comes pretty quick! Ear plugs tonight to block out that wind!

      Good night all.

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      here are the links to both parts:

      Gaye Ann Grace and Dawn Mills graciously allowed us to video tape their hands-on classes in Canton. We put together these two YouTube videos to share Gaye Ann's Dutch oven wisdom about making a double crusted fruit pie in a 12" Dutch oven.

      Part 1 Pie http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g2qkbubKfPs&feature=channel&list=UL

      Part 2 Pie http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2obhNeVVrd0&feature=plcp

      12 in oven...........

      I think having you work with a gluten free dough and teaching the class will be a good thing for everyone to see.

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