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61744Re: [dutchovencooking] Foil Liner Debate?

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  • willil@btinet.net
    Jun 1, 2011
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      Do not hate yourself. It is all in fun.

      I sometimes type to fast or on my phone and that is what you get.

      My home is safe except for ground water and the spring under the house,
      but the sump pumps are taking care of that. Even on the hills the water
      table is really high.

      My work is the issue. We are in the SAFE Zone, but if it goes higher than
      the Corp predicts, we are in trouble. They have built dikes and
      sandbagged, but some people in houses south of us have already moved out.
      Our Offices are on the 2nd floor, but. . . Of the 7 businesses in this
      building, 3 are left and one of those is the owner. AND they are on the
      main floor.

      We will move to another location if we lose electricity or water. Until
      then, we are staying. There are 23 in this office and it is hard to move
      all those computers and things we use every day.

      Thanks for the positive vibes!!!


      > I'm going to hate myself tomorrow for writing this.
      > Is a purist the purest?Or is the purest a purist?
      > More importantly I hope you will not be hurt by rising water levels.
      > Rains a lot here in Oregon but rising water levels are minding their
      > manners. Wish the best for you.
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