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61737Foil Liner Debate?

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  • willil@btinet.net
    Jun 1, 2011
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      Good Morning all.

      I always think it is interesting that the purest want it only one way.
      Seasoned and ready to go. They are also the ones who only use charcoal.

      Then there are others like me, that use a wood fire, yes we burn things at
      times. We line with paper if doing something we want to get out fast,
      biscuits are one thing. Or something really messy that might stick.

      I have used foil to raise up the paper so that there is a buffer. Tins
      have also been used.

      Of course, I watch the patina on the pots to make sure they are good to go
      for the next time.

      Discussions like this are on all groups that I belong to. There are the
      purest and the ones learning that make some mistakes, but learn from them.

      I think the important thing to remember, There are several ways to get to
      the end product. Now, is it fit to eat, and is the pot usable for the next
      time we fire up the pit to get it going.

      I admit, I would love to have a table, control the heat better, etc. But,
      room in the camper and what Hubby will let me put in there is another

      Now, lets cook

      In Flooding Mandan, ND well most of North Dakota is flooding.
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